Desserts/Sweets/Ice Cream/Coffee

Many tourists run for the Trdelnik stands inundating the center.  However you will almost never find a local eating one of these ‘trdlos’ as they are as traditional to Czechs as a Whopper.  They arrived around 2010 to the city and originate in a Hungarian speaking region of Transylvania in Romania.  Avoid these and instead head for any shop bearing the name ‘Cukrarna’, meaning sugar shop and have a piece of Medovnik (honey-cake) or Babovka(traditional bundt cake meaning grandmother’s cake) to only name a few of the amazing items available.

Ovocný Světozor

-With 10 locations in Prague, you are never far from great cakes, ice cream, and chlebicky.  Just looking through the window is enough to make your mouth water.  The above location is just off of Wenceslaus Square in the Světozor Passage.  Opposite the shop you will see the Pedro candy shoppe, a Czech brand offering great candy for a fraction of the cost of these pirate themed tourist trap candy shops, i.e. Captain Candy.

Cukrarna Mysak

-Footsteps away from the previous entry, the interior alone is worth a visit.  Managed by the same group that manages Lokal, Kantyna, and other such great restaurants.

Patisserie St-Tropez

-Just across the street from the previous entries in Lucerna Passage.  It is worth walking past and seeing the creations through the window even if you have no intention of trying and of the decadent creations.

Jizerske Pekarny

-Footsteps from Old Town Square you will find this gem full of breads and pastries.


Crème de la Crème

-2 locations, the above is closest to Old Town Square.  All gelato is homemade.  Vegan options offered as well.


– 3 locations, the above is located near Havelska Market.


Cafe Ebel

-Some of the best coffee in the city.

Kavárna Lucerna

-An amazing location in the Lucerna Passage.