How to be a good tourist in Prague

You are likely visiting this site because either you have been on one of my tours in Prague or you have come across it while researching a visit to Prague.  I have designed this site to offer personal recommendations for your visit.  These are all places I know and enjoy and think you will enjoy as well.

In recent years, there has started to be an issue of “over-tourism” in the city.  Massive amounts of people are arriving to visit what is in my opinion one of the most amazing cities in the world.  Who can blame them right?  Unfortunately this has brought many negatives with it.  More and more places are appearing simply trying to separate you from your money.  More and more tourists are arriving for the wrong reasons.  More and more there has been a separation between locals and tourists.  Locals are very proud of their history and culture, unfortunately it has often been overlooked by much of the world.  Absolutely take some time to learn a bit of the history and how throwing someone out of a window can change the entire world.  Below you will find a few do’s and don’ts for visiting Prague.

+DO enjoy some of the best beer and drinks in the world.  The pilsner style of beer is named after and invented in Plzen and a visit is not complete without a shot of Becherovka.  The nightlife is hard to beat and definitely worth checking.

-DON’T come with the sole purpose of partying and drinking and being rowdy.  If this is your only purpose for visiting WE DON’T WANT YOU!  People live and work in the Old Town so please be respectful and keep noise down on the street.  There is a noise curfew from 22:00 to 6:00 as well.  Almost everyone dislikes stag and hen dos because of the way they act when visiting.  Also keep in mind drinking on the street is actually against the law in the Old Town.

+DO explore outside of the city centre.  The city is full of parks, green spaces, and unique pubs, shops, cafes, etc.

-DON’T stay only on the main tourist streets and squares.  Not only are they crowded, they are full of overpriced shops and restaurants.  Go one street away and you may find it void of people and about half the price.

+DO know how to use public transport.  Tickets can be bough in metro stations, onboard trams with a contactless card, at newstands, tobacco shops, Relay stores, etc.  Tickets are either 30 minutes (30czk), 90 minutes (40czk), 24 hours (120czk), or 72 hours (330czk).  The time begins from the moment you validate in the yellow box.  ONLY VALIDATE THE TICKET ONCE.  If you validate it more than one time the ticket is voided and if caught you will be fined 800czk.  Tickets are good on metro (open 5:00 to 24:00), bus, and tram.  If you have a big piece of luggage you must also buy a 15czk ticket.

-DON’T expect taxis to be honest.  Prague is famous for crooked taxi drivers.  If using a taxi it is best to call and arrange ahead through a big company such as AAA Taxi.  At the minimum agree on a price before entering the car.  The best options are using apps such as Uber, Bolt, or Liftago.

+DO shop for souvenirs.  Bohemian glass and crystal is of incredible quality, just make sure it says Made in CZ.  If it says Designed in CZ it was likely made in China.

-DON’T fall for the trap of buying the cannabis products.  These do not contain THC, the ingredient giving you a high, as it is illegal.  If the product is cannabis at all it contains CBD, the therapeutic ingredient.  Many of the products even state this on the packaging.  Same goes for any men trying to sell you what they say are drugs on the square.  It is likely dried tea leaves or powdered sugar.  Drugs are illegal!

+DO learn some basic Czech phrases.  Even trying goes a long way towards breaking the ice with Czechs.  Nobody expects you to even pronounce it correctly but they absolutely appreciate the effort!

Hello/Good day = Dobrý den (doe-bree  den).   Goodbye = Na shledanou (na skle-dah-new) Thank you = Děkuji (dya-kwee).  Please = Prosím (pro-seem).  Do you speak English? = Mluvíte anglicky? (mloo-veetay un-glee-ski).  Bill please (in a restaurant) = Záplatím (zah-pla-team).  Beer = Pivo (peevo)

-DON’T automatically assume everyone speaks English.  Most Czechs in Prague, especially under 40, speak great English but many do not use it everyday and sometimes are not as confident in their abilities as they should be.  Try a few words in Czech and before you know it they will open up.  Many Czechs speak multiple languages, often English and perhaps one or more of German, French, Italian, Spanish, etc.  Those who grew up under communism will often know Russian but often do not like to use it.

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